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The UKRCARD-online system interacts with the processing centre to perform tasks in real time. Its functions:

  • secure exchange of operational and confidential information

  • terminal network monitoring and control

  • library of users' paperwork

  • information exchange of the payment cards issue

  • monitoring of the correspondent accounts balances for sponsors and their affiliates 

  • payment processing centre services: clearing, chargeback, fraud reports 

  • bank call-centre services (operations monitoring, authentification, SMS, card parameters control)

UKRCARD can be an organiser of the settlement and clearing operations with the following services:

  • preparation of the information to conduct interbank transactions by using VISA, MasterCard, UnionPay, NPS PROSTIR

  • settlement and clearing operations in the terminal network of partner banks

  • reports for NBU and International Payment Systems

  • preparation of the customised reports at the bank’s request

UKRCARD can process dispute transactions, helping banks and financial institutions provide high-quality customer service.

The list of dispute work services:

  • full functionality to handle claims (MasterCard, VISA, Union Pay and PROSTIR)

  • advising on handling disputes

  • reports (issue and acquiring)

Call-centre services (by using the “UKRCARD-online system”): 

  • card/account information

  • card parameters (statuses, limits, service regions, BAN-limits)

  • a new PIN-code can be created via SMS and Viber

  • call forwarding centre 

  • ATM network monitoring 

  • 24/7/365 monitoring

UKRCARD customers can work based on the BCZ-CARD + card back-office that allows them to create card products of any complexity.

Characteristics of the BCZ-CARD system:

  • support simultaneous work of thousands of users as well as millions of card operations and accounts

  • allow users to generate more than 300 reports 

  • meet the current requirements of Ukrainian legislation and NBU instructions

  • automatically register all users and track their actions in the system

  • use the cryptography system and data encryption when exchanging information with the PC

  • the system can be used at the bank or as an outsourcing resource

  • can be integrated with other banking systems

Сторінка наповнюється


UKRCARD API (UAPI) is the software aimed to provide online communication of services between bank systems (internet banking, mobile banking, self-service kiosks, front-office systems) and UKRCARD resources by using the REST protocol. 

The UAPI features: 

  • balance and card transaction check

  • client’s mobile phone registration by using One Time Password

  • PIN-code change 

  • payment management

  • card limits change and the opportunity to reissue the card


The integration software product BCZ-connector provides data exchange between the card back-office system of an independent developer and the UKRCARD processing centre.

The BCZ-connector features: 

  • beginning of the operation bank day

  • bank cards issue and reissue

  • limits management

  • bank card status management

  • M-Banking and 3DS management


It is the software product for API online communication of external systems with the processing centre. Ws2Mpi is used for e-commerce transactions, P2P, A2C, C2A money transfers, authentications, etc. 

HOST-2-HOST interaction

The method allows you to integrate host solutions from different manufacturers according to the ISO 8583 standard — BASE24 from ACI, Way4 from OpenWay, Tieto Card Suite from Tieto, etc. This interaction is used to transfer financial messages between systems for processing cards data.

By using the HOST-2-HOST solution, you can integrate additional services through the PC UKRCARD without purchasing extra modules.

We are adept at such integrations by using different protocol dialects (VISA, Mastercard, ISO 8583-93).


The software product provides comprehensive data exchange between the automated banking system (ABS) and the BCZ-CARD + back office card system.

The BCZ ABS opportunities: 

  • data synchronisation

  • detailed analytics on card accounts

  • bank operators can work in one system — ABS

  • use of all the information to generate reports for the NBU

  • detailed analytics on card accounts (including credit card transactions)

  • automatic synchronisation of data on bank clients

  • compliance with financial monitoring requirements


It allows you to perform the end-to-end data exchange between the card back-office system BCZ-CARD + and the centralised database (DWH / BI) of the bank.

Data can be uploaded to the bank’s DWH/BI by bank operators in the head office, branches and bank departments.  

The data upload is used for the following operations:

  • when registering and changing package parameters

  • reporting

  • analysis of the bank card project results

Authorisation on the side of the issuer

The service allows you to work with a payment account (debiting/ crediting/checking) on the operation bank day. With the authorisation on the side of the issuer, banks receive the balance information right after the transaction is completed. The data is available online — no need to transfer files. At the same time, UKRCARD is responsible for the verification of the cryptographic transaction data and fraud monitoring.





UKRCARD issues MasterCard, VISA, Union Pay, UKRCARD and PROSTIR cards: 

  • pre-paid, virtual, momentum cards 

  • the opportunity to get five bank cards for one payment account (MasterCard, VISA, Union Pay, UKRCARD и PROSTIR)

  • multi-application cards

  • electronic PIN-code (PIN CVV2 / CVC2 by SMS)

  • own data preparation system

  • integration with any complex of technical, software and administrative tools

  • the authorisation on the issuer side

  • Host2Host solutions

  • the opportunity to choose a sponsor bank

  • card tokenisation: Apple Pay and Google Pay integration  

  • 3D-Secure based on ACS with the EMV 3DS 2.2.0 support

  • SMS and push messages 

  • remote PIN-code change

  • round-the-clock customer support

  • complaint management

  • fraud monitoring 

  • reports for NBU and International Payment Systems 

  • preparation of the fully customised reports at the bank’s request

  • loyalty programs of any complexity — cashback, bonuses, trips 

We help merchants accept payments from MasterCard, Visa, Union Pay and PROSTIR: 

  • support Verifone and Ingenico POS-terminals 

  • support ATMs NCR, Diebold, Wincor 

  • customised ATM scenarios for the bank’s brand book 

  • partner ATM networks support 

  • fraud monitoring 

  • accounts for merchants 

  • remote downloading server for configurations to POS terminals

  • round-the-clock customer support 

  • pre-authorisation

  • centralised upload of the ATM's electronic journals

  • remote download of the ATM advertising images

  • the setting of the bank operation scenarios can be changed 

  • incident management software (monitoring, automatic service request, messaging)