UKRCARD API (UAPI) is the software aimed to provide online communication of services between bank systems (internet banking, mobile banking, self-service kiosks, front-office systems) and UKRCARD resources by using the REST protocol. 

The UAPI features: 

  • balance and card transaction check

  • client’s mobile phone registration by using One Time Password

  • PIN-code change 

  • payment management

  • card limits change and the opportunity to reissue the card


The integration software product BCZ-connector provides data exchange between the card back-office system of an independent developer and the UKRCARD processing centre.

The BCZ-connector features: 

  • beginning of the operation bank day

  • bank cards issue and reissue

  • limits management

  • bank card status management

  • M-Banking and 3DS management


It is the software product for API online communication of external systems with the processing centre. Ws2Mpi is used for e-commerce transactions, P2P, A2C, C2A money transfers, authentications, etc. 

HOST-2-HOST interaction

The method allows you to integrate host solutions from different manufacturers according to the ISO 8583 standard — BASE24 from ACI, Way4 from OpenWay, Tieto Card Suite from Tieto, etc. This interaction is used to transfer financial messages between systems for processing cards data.

By using the HOST-2-HOST solution, you can integrate additional services through the PC UKRCARD without purchasing extra modules.

We are adept at such integrations by using different protocol dialects (VISA, Mastercard, ISO 8583-93).


The software product provides comprehensive data exchange between the automated banking system (ABS) and the BCZ-CARD + back office card system.

The BCZ ABS opportunities: 

  • data synchronisation

  • detailed analytics on card accounts

  • bank operators can work in one system — ABS

  • use of all the information to generate reports for the NBU

  • detailed analytics on card accounts (including credit card transactions)

  • automatic synchronisation of data on bank clients

  • compliance with financial monitoring requirements


It allows you to perform the end-to-end data exchange between the card back-office system BCZ-CARD + and the centralised database (DWH / BI) of the bank.

Data can be uploaded to the bank’s DWH/BI by bank operators in the head office, branches and bank departments.  

The data upload is used for the following operations:

  • when registering and changing package parameters

  • reporting

  • analysis of the bank card project results

Authorisation on the side of the issuer

The service allows you to work with a payment account (debiting/ crediting/checking) on the operation bank day. With the authorisation on the side of the issuer, banks receive the balance information right after the transaction is completed. The data is available online — no need to transfer files. At the same time, UKRCARD is responsible for the verification of the cryptographic transaction data and fraud monitoring.