The processing centre "UKRCARD" annually undergoes external audits to comply with the requirements of the following international standards:

  • PCI DSS — 12 security requirements to ensure the cardholder payment data security

  • PCI PIN Security — the requirements for equipment, premises and processes that ensure the safety of PIN data during the authorisation

  • PCI 3DS — provides logical and physical protection for the EMV® Secure 3-D core: ACS, DS and 3DS Server

The UKRCARD  infrastructure is highly available and fault-tolerant.


ACS (Access Control Server) is an access control server that provides authentication of the bank card holder when they pay. Based on ACS, UKRCARD offers the following services:

  • customised template for entering data according to the bank's brand book

  • personalised message text with a password

  • the opportunity to add cards served by a third-party processing centre

  • simple integration: the term does not exceed the term of the project in payment systems

  •  3-D Secure and 3-D Secure 2.0 support

Fraud prevention

The anti-fraud service allows you to identify and prevent suspicious transactions quickly.

In terms of the fraud prevention UKRCARD offers the following services: 

  • 100% transaction monitoring 

  • the flexibility of rules setting

  • report generation

  • fraud analysis before every online transaction

  • monitoring service outsourcing

  • rules for analysing EMV 3DS authentication requests

3D Secure 2.2.0

The new version of the 3D Secure security protocol is available to all UKRCARD partner banks. The main advantages of 3D Secure 2.2.0:

  • adaptive payment process in browsers, mobile phones and mobile applications

  • the opportunity to embed the authentication process into applications (without going to the browser)

  • the chance to accept transactions without manual data entry

  • additional authentication methods by using biometrics

  • less inconvenience for consumers